Services Provided 'There for You'

Prime Minister's Challenge Fund
Manchester Primary Care Partnership was successful in its endeavours to become a second wave pilot site to improve GP Access, across 91 Manchester based practices covering a registered patient population of 589,942 under the Prime Minister's Challenge Fund Project.

Manchester Extended Access

The scheme increases GP, Practice Nurse and HCA appointments which are delivered from Community Primary Care hubs strategically placed to increase access and equity for patients.

The mobilisation was rolled out in a phased programme which began in November 2015. All hubs are now fully operational.

Patients should contact their own surgery in the normal way to book an appointment at one of the extended access locations

Service Locations

Central Manchester areaNorth Manchester areaSouth Manchester area
Chorlton Family Practice
Dickenson Road Medical Centre
The Arch Medical Practice
West Point Medical Centre
Conran Medical Centre
Five Oaks Family Practice
North Manchester General Hospital
Whitley Road Medical Practice
Barlow Medical Centre
Ladybarn Group Practice
Peel Hall Medical Practice

What does the service provide

The service provides access to a multi-disciplinary team who will see patients via booked appointments for the following
(please note that nurses and HCAs only operate from certain sites):

GPsPractice NursesHealthcare Assistants
Acute illness
Repeat prescriptions
Routine/follow up GP appointment
Management of long term conditions
Medication reviews
New patients – notes not yet summarised
Controlled drugs
   (patients with no h/o misuse)
Emergency contraception
Chronic disease management
   (asthma, diabetes)
Diet and weight management advice
Ear assessment
Phlebotomy (adult blood test)
Blood pressure

How to access the service

The provision of this service applies only to patients registered with one of the 91 practices in Central, North and South Manchester (see Member Practices).

Manchester Extended Access is an appointment based service only. Appointments are made via the patient's own practice and are available to patients who are unable to access appointments during normal surgery hours, due to work or other commitments or at times of high demand. The receptionist will offer an appointment with the extended access scheme at a location that best suits the patient.


Opening Times

The operating times of the service vary between each location. Appointments are available at all sites between 18:00 and 20:00 on weekdays and on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Confidentiality and Data Protection

In order to provide the best care to you, Manchester Extended Access (MEA) will need access to the medical record held at your usual GP practice. MEA will also need to share information it records about you with your usual GP practice so that it can also provide the best care. This is achieved through a sharing agreement allowing both organisations to view each other’s record in a secure way.

When you first attend, you will be asked to sign a consent form to allow MEA to register you onto their system for the purposes of providing care to you. The registration process will create a sharing agreement between your usual GP practice and MEA. Your consent will allow MEA to view your practice based record and for your practice to view your MEA based record.

MEA may also use information it holds about you in an anonymised manner for secondary purposes such as clinical audit and service planning.

MEA will not share information it holds about you with any third party without your express consent. There are certain exceptions where we may share information without consent, for example where we are required to do so by law or where we genuinely believe this would be for your own protection or the protection of others.

You have a right to access the information that we hold about you. Requests for access should be submitted to the Data Controller for the Federation that provides MEA in the area you were seen.