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Thousands of extra GP appointments now available at evenings and weekends.

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What we do

Put patients first

Prime Ministers Challenge Fund
Delivering 8 til 8 and weekend access to GPs and other Healthcare Professionals.

Manchester city-wide services
Both acute and chronic patients healthcare services.

Who we are

Tri-Manchester Federations

Tri-Manchester Federations
The Manchester Primary Care Partnership Ltd (MPCP) formed February 2015 is a not for profit GP led federated organisation. MPCP covers the three Manchester CCG localities via the following federations:

 Primary Care Manchester Ltd (Central Manchester)
 Northern Health GPPO Ltd (North Manchester)
 SMGPF Ltd (South Manchester)


Primary Healthcare

GP Appointments
Ability to see a GP during evenings and weekends.

Other Healthcare Professionals
Ability to see a practice nurse or health care assistant.

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