Services Provided

Prime Minister GP Access Fund
Manchester Primary Care Partnership was successful in its endeavours to become a second wave pilot site to improve GP Access, across 91 Manchester based practices covering a registered patient population of 589.942 under the Prime Ministers GP Access Fund Project.

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The Manchester Access Project

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The pilot scheme increases GP, Practice Nurse and HCA appointments which will be delivered from 12 Community Primary Care hubs strategically placed to increase access and equity for service users. To further support access to GP Appointments, 3 GP hubs have also been commissioned and will be co-located or adjacent to A&E departments.  The mobilisation of the community and GP A&E extended access hubs have been rolled out by a phased programme. All 15 are now LIVE. Patients should contact their own surgery in the normal way to book an appointment at one of the extended access locations (Please see below)

Central - Community Extended GP Access Hubs
- The Arch Medical Practice  
- Chorlton Family Practice
- Dickenson Road Medical Centre
- West Point Medical Centre


North- Community Extended GP Access Hubs
- Conran Medical Centre
- Five Oaks Family Practice
- Hazeldene Medical Centre
- Whitley Road Medical Practice


South - Community Extended GP Access Hubs
- Barlow Medical Centre
- Ladybarn Group Practice
- Northenden Group Practice
- Peel Hall Medical Practice


A&E Extended GP Access Hubs  
- Manchester Royal infirmary (MRI)
- University Hospital South Manchester (UHSM)
- North Manchester General (NMG)

What does the service provide

The roll –out of the service is via a phased approach. When fully operational the service will provide access to a multi- disciplinary team who will see patients via booked appointments for the following:


  • - Acute illness
  • - Repeat Prescriptions
  • - Routine/Follow up GP Appointment

  • - Management of Long Term Conditions

  • - Medication Reviews

  • - New patients – notes not yet summarised

  • - Controlled drugs – patients with no h/o misuse (with limits/policies)

  • - Emergency contraception

Practice Nurse(s)

  • - Contraception queries
  • - Emergency Contraception
  • - Chronic Disease Management e.g.,

- Asthma
- Diabetes

  • - QOF Reviews

  • - Diet Weight management advice

  • - Ear Assessment
  • - Spirometry


  • - Phlebotomy Adult Blood test
  • - Blood Pressure
  • - Urinalysis

  • - ECG

  • - Contraception Advice

  • - Weight Management/Stop smoking advice

  • - Dressings/wound care


Currently the 15 community and A&E hubs mentioned above are providing GP only appointments.

How do I access the Service

The provision of this service applies only to patients registered with one of the 91 practices in Central, North and South Manchester (see Shareholder and Member Practices)

GP Extended Access is an appointment based service only. Appointments are made via the patients own practice and are available to patients who are unable to access appointments during normal surgery hours, due to work or other commitments or when the pracices appointments are fully booked. At which point the receptionist will offer an appointment via the extended access scheme at a location that best suits the patient.


Opening Times

Community Hubs
The community Hub Service is available 18.00 -20.00 Monday to Friday and 10-18.00 from a designated location on Saturday and Sunday.

A&E Hubs
The 3 GP A&E hubs are open 7 days a week from 08.00-20.00 (GP Appointments Only)