The National Health Service is the publicly funded healthcare system for England. It was born out of a long-held ideal that good healthcare should be available to all, regardless of wealth-a principle that remains at its core. It is the largest and the oldest single-payer healthcare system in the world. Primarily funded through the general taxation system, the system provides healthcare to every legal resident in the United Kingdom, with most services free at the point of use, with the exception of some charges, such as prescriptions and optical and dental services .
The NHS in England deals with over 1 million patients every 36 hours. It covers everything from antenatal screening and routine screenings such as the NHS Health Check and treatments for long-term conditions, to transplants, emergency treatment and end-of-life care.


The NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG’s) have ultimate responsibility for awarding new contracts and the renegotiation and review of existing primary, secondary and community contracts and therefore without doubt our are our largest client.

Third Sector

Greater Manchester Council working in collaboration with NHS bodies across GM have embarked on an exciting and life change programme of Devolution across the Health and Social Care arena. The programme will take a whole system approach and aims to tackle issues that impact on the quality of people’s lives by addressing Health, Work, Housing and other major issues.
By shifting the balance and addressing such issues the programmes aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the people across our region and in doing so will increase the emphasis on health improvement, increased access, continuous care and more support closer to home. This requires a partnership approach between the NHS, Local Authorities and the Third Sector.

How you can get involved

MPCP Ltd work closely with a number of local Patient Participation Groups (PPG's). Please contact the team if you are interested in joining a PPG in your local area, even if you only participate on an ad-hoc basis.